DKT has been a reference for over 30 years in professionalism, quality and innovation with projects all over Brazil.


Always attentive we seek to incorporate the most innovative and practical in the construction sector, providing better quality of service to our customers, meeting all their needs and expectations.

DKT FAST's building system is exclusive and state-of-the-art in construction sector.


All components that make up our SIP+MGO system is produced to precise specifications for each type of project. Our technology maximizes the reduction of: construction time, material waste, labor and costs.


Build the house you always wanted much faster, more economically and better


With a team of highly qualified architects always dedicated to delivering a unique and exclusive project to each client, DKT FAST uses in its constructions its exclusive SIP+MGO system.


In the construction phase, our system provides a reduction in the work schedule, saving of employees and materials.


Once ready the structure is free of cracks, provides thermal and acoustic insulation, greater longevity for your home and reduced maintenance costs.


Own your own business


If you are planning on building or renovating your business we have the solution. The projects with our exclusive SIP+MGO system provide to your business an increased resistance to fire, moisture and physical impacts, low structural maintenance cost and high longevity.


Free from materials harmful to health, thermal and acoustic insulation, our projects are perfect for building your business providing economy and better quality for your construct.

cold room

Professional equipment with high quality storage and temperature control


Always seeking to offer the best products DKT’s Cold Room has the unique SIP+MGO system. Built with our exclusive MGO panels and filled with thermal insulation this system provides better thermal insulation performance with more efficient sealing than conventional chambers saving energy by not having heat exchange between the indoor and outdoor environment. Structures with greater mechanical resistance, lighter and quick installation.


Custom-sized our Cold Room are made to meet the needs of various industry segments.


The architectural classic, better, more beautiful and efficient


DKT FAST's LifeGuard feature a retro-inspired architecture with a modern building system, providing excellent structural and functional quality for the project.


As differential our LifeGuard has the SIP+MGO construction system in the cabin composition offering the advantages of: longer durability, stronger and easier to repair structures, fire and moisture resistance that prevents the proliferation of mold.


More than iconic buildings that become desired tourist attractions, the LifeGuard is high quality structures made up of thermal insulating components providing better work quality for the lifeguard’s professional.


Buy online and assemble it yourself


DKT FAST has a set of prefabricated houses models from which the customer chooses over the internet, buys and receives at the desired address.


Simple and easy to assemble the Kit Home comes with an instruction manual that offers to the customer the possibility to assemble their own home if they want.


We offer to our customers the possibility of customizing the Kit Home templates. Contact our team for more information regarding project customization.

Metallic structural system

construction - system sip+mgo

fire test - mgo board

paged modular system

Quick build

With the highest quality and technology in the market

SIP+MGO consists of a product composed by two MGO panels (magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride) filled with SIP (thermal and acoustic insulation). The panels are lightweight, easy to handle and install, has high mechanical and moisture resistance, and it is a natural fireproof material.

MGO panels is Eco-friendly, made from natural minerals, plant fibers and contain no harmful substances in their composition. It has very high physical and thermal resistance and can withstand up to 2000°C of heat without producing any toxic fumes.


Structural Options



DKT has extensive experience in green services. We offer our customers the option of adding to their constructions different forms of clean energy, such as solar and wind energy, as well as rainwater harvesting service.

EPS: Expanded Polystyrene is 100% recyclable, lightweight material that does not induce cracks. Excellent thermal insulator that has chemical, mechanical and moisture resistance.

PUR: Polyurethane is a thermal insulator great for pipe clamping and insulation, which absorbs and eliminates ambient vibration and noise, great durability, pressure and moisture resistance.

PIR: Polyisocyanuric is preferably used to insulate systems that operate at low temperatures such as cold rooms, roofs and refrigeration panels.

XPS: Compared to thermal materials of similar density the Extruded Polystyrene has as a result equivalent twice the resistance. Better thermal insulation, less water absorption and longer structural life of the building.

Member of the Green Building Council Brazil, an organization that is committed to the development of the sustainable construction industry acting consciously in preserving the environment.


We develop projects with the possibility of LEED certification - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

• Low cost

• High durability

• Cost savings

• Mounting speed

• Fireproof

• Lower environmental impact

• Thermal and acoustic insulation

• Easy handling and assembly

• Very low moisture absorption

• No cracking

• Adaptable to several architecture sizes

• Does not proliferate fungi and bacteria

Why use our DKT FAST system?



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